LED vs Incandescent

LED vs Incandescent

Customers always ask; should I use Incandescent or LED Lights? The answer is: it depends. Let’s explore why.First of all, we are only talking about the actual bulb. We use high quality wire for either application, and the bulbs can be swapped out at any time. Quality companies use quality wire! We use only commercial grade wiring for all applications.

Incandescent have been around forever. Their use of a filament requires more energy, and heat, in order to generate light. Incandescent are cheap, which is where all their benefits end. They are made of glass so they break easily, they burn out easily, and jarring can cause the filament to break prematurely. It is not uncommon for bulbs to go out mid season, or to work one year and not the next. Each incandescent bulb uses about 7 Times or more electricity than a LED.

LED bulbs are more expensive than an incandescent, but use 1/7th the power, emit no heat, and usually last 5-10 times longer than an incandescent bulb. The Polycarbonate bulb seldom breaks, and they can take far more abuse before failing. LED’s are also brighter with less energy being used, and with new whites that look like incandescent, many people don’t realize they are LED’s that they are looking at.

What does this mean? Your greater initial expense of a led will provide a better long-term solution that is brighter and less prone to failure. Led light displays have minimal impact to the electricity bill. It is not uncommon to see power bill increases of $100 or more during the holiday with incandescent bulbs, where an Led display would only be a $5-$20 increase in that power expense. In just a few years of power consumption, you can pay for the LED light bulbs and still usually use them for another couple seasons with minimal additional cost.

But if initial cost is your number one determination in a lighting display, incandescent light bulbs are good cheap alternative and look good.